EVO Oil "Granfruttato"

Thanks to 'Macchia d'Olio Bio' our Masseria continues the thousand-year old Greek tradtion that considered olive-oil to be a precious gift, symbol of peace, wisdom and prosperity.  We produce 4 different fine kinds of olives (Leccino, Ogliarola, Frantoio and Coratina) providing you the best 'monocultivar' products for a healty diet.

Our ripe olives are handpicked and crushed within 24 hours. This generates a practically acid-free product rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, some of the most important antioxidants. Our oil is a rich mixture of scents and fragrances that exalt all typical Mediterranean courses.
An organic farming process that uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers assures the production of an extremely high-quality product.
If you think 'Macchia d'Olio Bio' is good for you or that it may be a perfect gift, you can order it by e-mail (info@masseriamacchia.it) or by phone: 0804965076. 
We will deliver it straight to your house.
The soil (9.63.00 ha) is officially controlled by several local institutions that also recognize our high-level quality standards.