Rooms and Apartments

We offer two different formulas for rooms and apartments.

Hotel Typology:
Fully-equipped rooms for a 'Dolce Vita' stay. B&B service and daily cleaning.

Residence Typology:
Reserve an apartment and request the same services you would usually get in a hotel. Overnight staying only, kitchenette and no daily cleaning. Experience complete freedom by choosing this typology.

All rooms are characterized by warm colors, where white always prevails. Every area is furnished with great attention to detail. Minimal and simple decorations make our spaces extremely cozy. Our green spaces are an enchanting point where the colors of geraniums,oleanders, bouganvilleas and jasmines blend up with the shiny shades of the lawns, citruses, pines, acacias and the majestic eucalyptuses.

Camere e Case